Thursday, August 23, 2007

Shannon: Welcome!

For many years now, I've wanted us to start living out the Titus mandate in women's ministry by sharing what we know, encouraging one another, and spurring each other on to good works. I always thought we'd do some sort of binder-type format, offering recipes, thoughts on child-raising, ideas for blessing our families, etc. But this is 2007. We don't have to use binders ... we have the internet!

I hope you find this a helpful site. The key word for these posts is "practical." Some of the posts you'll find here (recipes come to mind) will seem less significant than others, but the fact is, as we seek to live out our calling as women, much of our ministry tasks do seem insignificant. However, nothing poured out for Jesus goes unseen. If we can offer a solution to tonight's dinner dilemma and in the process, your husband and children are blessed, then that recipe post is anything but insignficant.

As the Titus mandate says that "the older women are to train up the younger women," I've asked the women's ministry team (teachers, small group leaders, and administrator) to be the first contributors. These are women who have demonstrated maturity and who are bearing the fruit of walking with Jesus. In time (and as the Lord leads), we will no doubt extend more invitations to contribute (as our church has many, many Titus women), but we want to get the bugs out first and get a database going.

Ready to start posting ideas? We're open for business. When you join the site, use your name only (no nicknames or aliases, please :). When you post, we ask that you follow the title format you see above--your name, colon, title. At the end of your post, please add a label so we can begin building a database. Post labels will include the following categories: devotional life, marriage, parenting, home organization, ministry, recipes (let's be specific: recipes-crockpot, recipes-dessert, recipes-quick dinner, recipes-budget, recipes-soups, etc. If your recipe fits more than one category, go ahead and give it as many labels as you need), and sister-to-sister (articles on friendship and fellowship). I'm sure we'll think of others, but that's enough for now.

My prayer is that this site will bring God glory and build up the women in our fellowship (and any lurkers out there--we welcome you too! :).

God bless you!


Kim said...

You have no idea how excited I am about this. I hope this catches on and becomes a vibrant expression of Titus 2! I can't wait to learn from you all! :)

my ever wandering heart said...
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Cora said...

Hey, this is great. Good job setting it up, Shannon. Can't wait to see what everyone posts!

Laurie said...

I love the picture you chose for the title. It's beautiful and seems full of joy and abundant life.